“The Dawn of Bloom”

by Isaic Pulliam

Isaic Pulliam is drawn to create art that can empower the community and especially to represent the people who influence younger generations. In this work, he illustrates how the garden engages and positively impacts the community.

“The Dawn of Bloom” depicts two Cherry Street gardeners, Santana Webb and her grandmother, Linda Ginn. Isaic listened to the oral histories that have been collected from Cherry Street gardeners and was inspired by Santana’s story. As a young girl, she was excited by the garden and drew both of her grandmothers and her mother to join the garden. Together they reflect their rich family history of farming and gardening.

Isaic Pulliam was a junior at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD) studying New Studio Practice when he created this work in Spring 2023.

Listen to Isaic Pulliam’s inspiration for “The Dawn of Bloom”

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See the oral histories of Cherry Street gardeners collected by University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee urban studies students, including Santana Webb’s interview.